GeoAnalyst is the most comprehensive residential design and application software for geothermal systems on the market today. No other software has as many features. Even more important, the loop sizing portion uses "pure" IGSHPA algorithms, not manufacturer-adjusted loop sizing formulas. The ease of use and user configurability provide users with an accurate system analysis at a low annual maintenance fee, which includes free updates.

screenshot of geoanalyst software

GeoAnalyst is continually updated with new features. Pressure drop calculation/pump sizing was recently added, as was a new sales proposal module. Changes in equipment, enhanced features, and usability upgrades are automatically loaded with the "automatic updates" feature.

Try GeoAnalyst today. The demo is free, and may be downloaded from the link below. If you decide to subscribe to the annual maintenance fee, the cost is $50.00 per year for the first computer and $15.00 per year for all additional computers.

Download Demo

GeoAnalyst features

  • Full GeoComfort product line already loaded
  • Ability to compare up to 5 other conventional systems
  • Allows the user to save multiple utility files
  • I.P. or S.I. utility cost choices (e.g. $/gallon or $/liter)
  • 14 pre-configured ground loop choices, plus user-defined horizontal loop, and open loop (well water)
  • "Auto Size" option for sizing loops based upon minimum/maximum entering water temperature
  • Choice of HDPE pipe or user-defined pipe
  • Choice of ASHRAE, EPRI, or user-defined soil types
  • Includes calculations for water-to-water heat pumps and combination units (water-to-water/water-to-air) for applications like radiant floor heating
  • Bin data report and balance point calculation
  • Comprehensive system reports for geothermal and conventional selections
  • Economic analysis with simple payback, cashflow analysis, and financing options. Has the ability to include rebates/credits, and print graphs.
  • Pressure drop calculation module for sizing flow center pumps (central pumps or pump(s) for each unit)
  • Calculates loop flushing requirements, antifreeze requirements, and Reynolds number
  • Sales proposal module for creating a consumer-friendly sales proposal to explain the benefits of geothermal vs. the other compared systems
  • Allows report customization with company logo and contact information
  • Built-in screen stretching feature that increases fontsize for easier readability
  • Includes the latest conventional equipment for comparisons (up to 19 SEER air conditioners/heatpumps and 95% efficiency furnaces)
  • Dual fuel system comparisons for geothermal and air-to-air heat pumps
  • "Save as Default" option to use saved local conditions for a new project