Geothermal: a sound investment

The notion that geothermal systems are for the affluent and are priced out of the average person's reach is a misconception. In fact, the economical advantages to selecting a geothermal system over a conventional system are numerous.


While there is no accurate rule of thumb for determining the purchase price of a geothermal system for your home, your local GeoComfort dealer can assist you in selecting a system model to meet your requirements and a loop type to fit your needs. Innovations in geothermal technology and installation techniques make it more affordable than ever to experience the best heating and cooling solution on the market today.

Many states/provinces and utilities have programs supporting the installation of geothermal systems. Available state incentives may be located in the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency at Contact your local utility company to inquire about any incentives that they may offer as well. Many Canadian provinces also offer geothermal incentives. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Compare to conventional systems

In some respects, comparing the investment of a geothermal system to the cost of a conventional system is comparing apples to oranges. What may appear at first glance as a 'good deal' on a conventional system may not be the most economical choice.

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Monthly cost of home ownership

When considering any new heating and cooling system, it is important to put in perspective the cost of home ownership. Similar to the cost of doing business, it is the amount of money that you know you will pay each month to run your home. This would include your mortgage payment, electricity, heating, cooling and hot water costs. In a new construction situation, the cost of the heating and cooling system would typically be included in the mortgage payment. While selecting a geothermal system may increase your monthly mortgage payment, the savings you experience on your monthly heating and cooling bills will actually be more than that nominal increase thus providing positive cash flow. Plus, when you select the desuperheater option to capture residual heat and warm household water, you will save even more on your monthly expenses.

Fuel source comparison

Heating and Cooling All-In-One
No Outdoor Equipment
Uses Earth's Free Heat
No Combustion
Environmentally Friendly
Radiant Floor Application
Capable of Zoning
Volatile Operating Costs
Highest Efficiency
Requires Electricity to Operate
Requires Storage Tank
  • * Ground loop conditions up to 5.0 COP. 17°F outdoor air temperature.
  • ** Dependent on generation sources
  • *** Varies depending on: wood type, type of fireplace, method of operation